If you have a development
We offer an in house planning service with over twenty five years experience in achieving the very best from any potential development.

We are more than happy, at no cost to yourself, to evaluate the planning possibilities of your site, and if you so wish make you an offer to purchase the development subject to obtaining that planning approval.

We would enter into a simple legal agreement, and then prepare all plans required for the planning application, make the planning application, and see it through to an appeal if required, all at our own cost.

The contract we draw up will have to be scrutinised and agreed by your solicitor, this is essential for your protection, as we only want to move forward if all parties are happy with our proposals.

You lead the whole procedure, and you can have complete control over what is to be built, or leave it to us to obtain permission for the most profitable scheme, at any time up to the signing of the contract, you are free to back out.

Why is selling subject to obtaining planning such a good idea for both parties?

For you:

1) You get planning application drawn and submitted by an experienced team, with a proven track record, completely free of charge.
2) You know who will be building out the development, and can be assured of the quality of workmanship.
3) There are no agent’s fees and your solicitor’s fees are usually reduced, as our solicitor completes most of the preparation work.
4) You can keep control of what happens and when, and if you are not happy with the way things are proceeding you can back out at any time up to the signing of the contracts.
5) A guaranteed agreed price for the land that you are happy with.

For us:

1) A scheme prepared by us that will not require amendments, and is specifically designed to suite our working practices.
2) The ability to programme in works in advance.
3) Knowing all the potential problems, and ironing them out before committing to purchase.
4) A working relationship with the owners, who are quite often our new neighbours.

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